It’s easy to integrate our service into other systems you already use. Here’s a list of what we currently offer.

Third-Party Integrations

Callcap API

We provide an API which allows you to download all of your call data so you can use it for whatever you need.

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Call-start and Call-end Webhooks

As soon as we see a phone call, we send an API response to a URL you direct us to use. Or, we can wait until the call ends to send you the same alert—we’ll have more information (length of call, caller ID information) at the end of the call. Build a custom caller ID to see who’s calling, some people use in CRMs to load phone calls in.


When you click on an ad thats been configured in Doubleclick, we capture that info and Doubleclick logs it as an offline conversion, giving you the data. This lets you accurately manage your bid strategies and gives you the full picture of how your ads/keywords are actually performing.

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Google Analytics (Universal Analytics)

After we match your website visits to phone calls, we can insert your offline phone call conversions as events in Google Analytics. (Now compatible with Google Tag Manager.)

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Bing Ads

We’re currently testing a new offline phone call conversion event integration with Bing Ads. Let us know if you’d like to help test it!


Add a lead in Salesforce any time you get a phone call. We send caller ID info and other information about the phone call, including a link to the recording, what time the call occurred, and the campaign name of the phone number.

Improveit 360

Get your call data and customer information sent to Improveit 360 whenever a customer calls. We send information about the call itself, the source of the call, and customer information.