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Outbound marketing just got so much easier with the suite of services Callcap offers to help you survey your customers, broadcast messages to them and contact new prospects quickly. 

It’s just this easy:
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  3. Increase Your Business!
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Automated Phone Surveys

Get client feedback and find out if your team is leaving customers satisfied with automated surveys. You’ll get the scoop on how your company is really doing from a customer perspective, find out how your employees handled recent phone calls, learn what customers want from your company, and get feedback on new offerings or potential products.

How It Works
  1. Calls are sent automatically to any set of phone numbers.
  2. Your customers answer a set of questions or take a poll you’ve created in order to learn information about specific areas within your company. 
  3. With the quantitative information you receive, along with the data from your recorded calls, you can make the changes necessary to improve your customer experience.
Features Outbound Marketing Automated Voice Messages Callcap
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Automated Voice Messages

Promote your specials and announcements to existing customers quickly and effectively. Broadcast messaging is a way to contact people that already have history and purchases with you (if they’ve opted-in to your phone messaging list you know they are open to hearing your message).

How It Works
  1. Our system can ring a list of numbers on a custom schedule to play your recorded message.
  2. With automated voice messages, you can alert your customers to maintenance reminders, send personalized promotions and coupons, invite them to special events, and more.
  3. At the end of the message, you can prompt your customer to press a button to be connected with an actual employee immediately.
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SMS Text Messages

Send reminders/offers over SMS text messages and automate a workflow (such as “call me”) with SMS response actions. There’s never been a simpler and more cost-effective way to start a conversation with your customers.

How It Works
  1. Let us know what reminder/offer you would like us to send to your customers.
    • Appointment reminders
    • Reminders about scheduling services
    • Alerts about special sales or promotions
    • Special coupons or offers
    • Holiday greetings
  2. We will send the reminder/offer out automatically through SMS text messages. 
  3. If applicable, customers will send responses via text and we can even generate a callback if needed.
From a Customer

“The texting is working so well on helping us book visits. It’s working better than we ever imagined!!!”

—Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

Features Outbound Marketing Automated Outbound Calling Callcap
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Automatic Outbound Calling

Outbound calling harnesses both the benefits of call recording and call evaluation in your company’s outgoing calls. With the click of a button, your sales representatives are automatically connected with new prospects.

How It Works
  1. You import a list of numbers into a queue.
  2. Sales representatives are automatically connected to prospects with the click of a button.
  3. Sales representatives can manage their list of prospects and make notes about the outcome of each call.
  4. You can monitor how your sales representatives are doing with the Callcap interface.