Save Customer Relationships

When it comes to growing a business, we always think of increasing lead generation and marketing efforts. But what if you didn’t have to do either of those things in order to grow your business? Now you can, simply by taking better care of the people who are already calling you and by recovering missed opportunities that previously would have been lost for good.

It’s just this easy:
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What We’ll Do

1. Monitor the Calls

Third party call monitoring by Callcap gives you an unbiased view into every call. You will see if a phone lead converted to a sale, or if it was a solid lead that was mishandled, without any bias toward employees or customers.

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2. Identify Customer Recovery Opportunities

Our Callsurance Evaluation System alerts you in near-real-time when a potential buyer hangs up without a purchase or the call didn’t meet your customer service standards, so you can quickly react to any issues you see. This allows you to be kept informed up-to-the-minute with opportunities to save sales.

Notification Options:

Callsaver Queue

With Callsaver, you get a queue of missed opportunities presented one at a time to employees. Since there is no picking and choosing, each call has an equal chance. This maximizes your call recovery rates.

Email Recovery

We can help you manage your missed opportunities through email alerts. Each missed opportunity alert links to a mobile-friendly view of that phone call with easy access to mark a customer recovery attempt.

Resolution Center

With the Resolution Center, you can apply your own criteria to identify high-value missed opportunities. Your employees or managers can find calls in their own department, calls they handled themselves, and can even focus on calls with a certain problem.