Find Out What’s Happening on Your Calls

Knowing why customers and prospects are calling is one thing, but finding out exactly what is happening on each call is even more powerful. Now you can ensure employee performance and customer satisfaction every time.

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Features Call Monitoring Record Calls Callcap
What We’ll Do

1. Record the Calls

With recordings available anytime, anywhere, you can really listen to your customers to identify lost sales opportunities or training opportunities, reward employee performance, and know exactly what a customer needs. Additionally, a recording archive can limit your liability and protect your business in response to a future audit or legal issue.

How It Works
  1. A customer calls your Callcap phone number.
  2. The Callcap phone number connects seamlessly to your existing number or phone system.
  3. Callcap “sits in the middle,” recording the call and making it available to you without getting in the way of the conversation.
  4. Our web-based dashboard gives you an easy way to listen to and share every call you receive from anywhere. Call recordings are stored in the cloud, so they’re accessible from any internet-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone. Your calls are also shareable, so you can quickly send calls to team members.
Features Call Monitoring Monitor The Calls Callcap
What We’ll Do

2. Monitor the Calls

Third party call monitoring by Callcap gives you an unbiased view into every call– inbound or outbound. You will see if a phone lead converted to a sale, or if it was a solid lead that was mishandled, without any bias toward employees or customers. Most importantly, you will see why.

The Callsurance Evaluation System

As soon as the call ends, it goes into our Callsurance Evaluation System. There, one of our trained analysts is assigned that phone call and listens to the recording looking for a variety of key points in the conversation. That’s right, a human listens to the call! Afterward, the analyst records the necessary data and even sends out alerts if needed.

Customized Scorecards

We answer specific questions about each of your calls, so you can learn more about your customers, their reasons for calling, and how they are being treated by your employees. Scorecards are fully customizable, so you get only the information that matters to your business.

Readily Accessible Data

Beyond saving calls and helping you win more business, call monitoring is an essential part of your sales toolkit.

  • Call monitoring provides sales statistics on the sales representatives who handle your phone calls. Unbiased data shows you who has opportunity to improve.
  • In addition to using call tracking to identify how many calls come in from an advertising campaign, you can also track the actual revenue each campaign or employee brings in. Then, you can use that information to modify your sales processes so the most effective calls become your new standard for business.
  • See how much money you’ve recovered by calling back lost opportunities by assigning revenue dollar values to each call.
Catalog Item Tracking

Our Callsurance analysts can listen for your own catalog of items mentioned on calls. Without any extra work on your part, you’ll be able to see what items are discussed on phone calls, which items are most in demand, and what items are out-of-stock or running low.