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Since 2001, we have been helping businesses like yours to deliver the best customer experiences possible. We help you to accomplish this through innovative tracking and monitoring solutions with a human touch.

  • Nationwide Solutions
  • Innovative Technology
  • Secure & PCI Compliant
  • Human Analysts
  • Fast and Accurate
Feature Overview Call Tracking Callcap
Call Tracking

Understand What’s Driving Your Calls

Making marketing investments can be a tough decision, especially when it’s difficult to tell if that marketing money is actually making the phones ring. But what if you could tell where callers are coming from, as in the specific marketing initiative, and exactly why? Now you can.

  • Local and/or Toll-free Numbers
  • All Calls Reported
  • Call Analytics
  • Customer Demographics
  • Website Conversions Tracking
  • Call Forwarding
  • Phone Number Routing
  • Blacklist Spam & Telemarketers
  • Number Features
  • Click-to-Call
  • Fraud Detection

“…This data immensely benefits our bottom line!…”

“I now have peace of mind knowing Callcap is providing visibility into our community! I can track all phone calls generated by marketing efforts and know how to improve our staff performance. This data immensely benefits our bottom line!”

—Aegis Living

Feature Overview Call Recording Callcap
Call Monitoring

Find Out What’s Happening on Your Calls

Knowing why customers and prospects are calling is one thing, but finding out exactly what is happening on each call is even more powerful. The phones can ring all day, but it doesn’t matter if the calls are not handled properly. Now you can ensure employee performance and customer satisfaction every time.

  • All Calls Recorded and Reported
  • Secure and PCI Compliant
  • Access to the Calls Anywhere, Anytime
  • Share Calls as Needed
  • Expert Call Evaluation
  • Customized Scorecards
  • Readily Accessible Data
  • Near Real-Time Alerts

“…Callcap allows us to focus on the customer while maintaining quality…”

“Being a lean company, it's difficult for us to afford a system that will allow us to review and monitor calls. But since customers are our lifeblood, it's important to make sure we are taking care of them best as we can. Callcap let's us do that while at the same time letting me focus on growing the business.”

—RedCat Racing

Feature Overview Call Recovery Callcap
Call Recovery

Save Customer Relationships

When it comes to growing a business, we always think of increasing lead generation and marketing efforts. But what if you didn’t have to do either of those things in order to grow your business? Now you can, simply by taking better care of the people who are already calling you. Recover missed opportunities that previously would have been lost for good or to a competitor.

  • Calls Recorded & Reported
  • Expert Call Evaluation
  • Customized Scorecards
  • Near-Real-Time Alerts
  • Queue of Missed Opportunities
  • Email Alerts
  • Resolution Center
  • Campaign Performance
  • ROI Reporting

“…Real-time notifications has given us the opportunity to save potentially lost revenue…”

“The most compelling difference between Callcap and their competition has to be the real-time notifications, giving us the opportunity to save potentially lost revenue. This is particularly effective in our service department, where we have seen a dramatic increase in appointments scheduled. My employees are more conscious of the level of customer service they are providing, which is resulting in more satisfied and loyal customers.”

—Planet Dodge

Feature Overview Outbound Marketing Callcap
Outbound Marketing

Stay Connected With Your Customers

Outbound marketing just got so much easier with the suite of services Callcap offers to help you survey your customers, broadcast messages to them and contact new prospects quickly.

  • Automated Phone Surveys
  • Automated Voice Messages
  • SMS Text Messages
  • Automatic Outbound Calling

“The texting is working so well on helping us book visits. It’s working better than we ever imagined!!!”

—Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

Feature Overview Text Platform Callcap
Business Text Messaging

Launch Your Business Text Strategy

NEXTms is a trailblazing new platform which provides your business the ability to send and receive messages with your customers. You can now easily initiate or receive real-time text messages, photos and videos securely from your personal computer.

  • SMS Text Messages
  • Internal Instant Messaging
  • Monitored Analytics

“…NEXTms allowed us to expand our methods of communication…”

“NEXTms allowed us to expand our methods of communication to meet our customers where they are. Callcap’s texting platform allows us to track progress, review historical data, and stay in touch with our matchmakers no matter where they’re located.”
— Charlee

Feature Overview Customized Integrations Callcap
Customized Integrations

Merge Your Systems Seamlessly

Are you interested in one or more Callcap features, but unsure of how they would integrate with your current system(s)? It’s usually easy to integrate Callcap features into existing systems and we offer a variety of tools to accomplish this, but sometimes custom integrations are required. If that’s the case, not to worry!

“…Callcap’s analytics show the campaign cost and how much revenue was produced, a game changer!…”

"Our Call Manager Software integrated with Callcap’s analytics, tracks marketing campaigns and effectively connects phone call information with accounting information! Being able to have a different phone number on each marketing piece and easily obtain a report for how much money the campaign cost and how much revenue it produced is A GAME CHANGER!"