06 March 2020

Why your phone customer is your best customer

One question we hear a lot at Callcap is, “Why concentrate on phone calls?”

And, on its face, this is a great question. Companies can drive revenue through a variety of channels: online, in stores, even through mail order. But the challenge is tracking which channels are driving the best revenue to help marketers move the needle for their brands. We live in a digital world. People use the phones in their pockets for a variety of tasks; using a brand’s app, browsing Facebook, searching for local businesses. It’s really no surprise that making a phone call isn’t at the forefront of their minds when thinking about the ubiquitous computers in all our pockets.

The thing is, marketers cannot and should not ignore offline channels. Consumers are becoming more and more seamless in their journey from online to offline, and in doing so look at every step of their experience through the same lens, and inbound phone calls to your business are on the rise.

We had Forrester Consulting examine the behavior of consumers who place calls to businesses against those who do not. Through their study, Forrester discovered that customers who call convert faster, spend more and churn less.

While we urge you to read the full study, we wanted to share a few of the incredible insights uncovered by Forrester Consulting:

  • Ads that prompt customers to initiate a phone call see higher engagement
  • Customers who initiate an inbound phone call in the course of the customer journey convert an average of 30% faster.
  • Those who initiate an inbound call spend an average of 28% more.

The details of these findings are in the full report, but the results ring true: Your phone customer is your best customer.

To read the full report Pick Up The Phone: Your Best Customer Is On The Line from Forrester Consulting, please click here

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