24 August 2020

Why Marketing Agencies Should Offer Call Tracking to Their Clients

Phone calls are the most important type of lead for many industries. Yet most businesses lack the tools to track them. By becoming our Co-Marketing Agency Partner, you can introduce your clients to our call tracking services and get paid doing it. This opportunity may sound like a no-brainer, and it is for thousands of companies that work with us. Especially when they experience the value of call tracking in a data-driven world.

Your campaign metrics may be overlooking a significant part of the target audience — the people who pick up the phone and call. If your clients depend on analytics to make business decisions, why wouldn’t you provide them with the most comprehensive intelligence available? Think of call tracking as the Google Analytics of phones. It builds smarter campaigns in many ways. Here are two big ones.

Campaign Tracking

Inbound lead generation includes phone calls. If you’re not tracking them, you can’t measure the full impact of your campaign. Even worse, you and your client will never know the full dollar value of your marketing efforts.
Call tracking not only delivers quantitative data (the number of leads generated), but also qualitative data about the buyer’s journey. We can track the caller’s every move for you. Not just by phone, but across multiple touchpoints throughout the sales funnel, including ads and webpages!

Real-Time Feedback

Leads from phone calls typically show the highest intent to buy, so converting them to paying customers should be your top priority. To do that, you need a proven tactical approach. We help you and your clients prepare one.

Call tracking allows you to test-drive a message and get real-time feedback. With the ability to monitor, record and play back calls, you can identify tactics that work and quickly recalibrate the ones that don’t. Clients pay big money for marketing. Enhancing your campaign’s productivity will help drive down the cost per lead. And doing it efficiently will save everyone time.

There’s More To Discover

Becoming a Co-Marketing Agency Partner makes you a more effective business partner to your clients. Stay tuned for the next part in this blog series, written exclusively for agencies. We’ll go into greater detail about how call tracking drives revenue for your client’s business. And yours, too.

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