01 April 2014

What is Call Tracking?

Would you mail a valuable package without a tracking number? Of course not. The value of the package, plus the peace of mind of knowing its exact location and delivery time, far outweigh the cost of the tracking option.

Now, consider your marketing budget.

Are your advertising dollars valuable?
Of course they are.

But do you know exactly where those dollars are going?
With call tracking, you have delivery insurance, so to speak, that your advertising investment is reaching its destination.

How can call tracking help?

A call tracking number is a unique local or toll-free number used to help you determine your advertising’s return on investment. With call tracking, also known as call measurement, you’ll discover your precise cost-per-lead by media, source, and campaign.

For example, imagine you’re a local dentist who’s planning on advertising your practice on the radio, in the newspaper, and on television. You’re interested in seeing which method is most successful, so you buy three different phone numbers (that all forward to your office phone) to use as call tracking numbers for the ads—one for the radio spot, one for the newspaper ad, and one for the television commercial.

After a few weeks of advertising on all three media, you check to see which phone numbers received the most calls. You find out the phone number from the radio spot has received five times as many calls as the numbers from the newspaper and television ads combined. Now, you have the data you need to reassess your marketing strategy, and you have the evidence to warrant pulling your newspaper and television ads so you can reallocate that money into radio spots.

But, that’s not all a call tracking number can help you with. With reports, we can gather and deliver, in real-time, information about potential customers responding to your ads and the specific ads that are generating the most incoming revenue for you.

In the scenario above, that could mean continued testing. Want to know when you should air your radio spots? Use those three numbers at 8 a.m., noon, and 5 p.m. to test which time brings you the most business. We’ll send you information about how much actual business comes from your advertising sources, and you can adjust your budget to ensure you are maximizing the return on investment of every dollar you spend toward promoting your business, not wasting your time (and money) on advertising that’s not working.

Call tracking doesn’t stop with radio, TV and newspaper ads. You can use call tracking numbers on anything… even online.

Especially online.

Jeff Bullas, a well-known social media marketing blogger, strategist and speaker, says that the often-forgotten ingredient in measuring your social content marketing online is a call tracking tool.

“Call tracking tools enable you to include unique trackable phone numbers in your downloadable and printed content, videos, trade show presentations, emails, ads, and direct mail blasts to measure the calls they generate. Even if a lead visits your website before calling you, call tracking tools can still tell you how that caller found your site and the web page or blog posts they called from.”

The possibilities are endless.

Start knowing exactly what makes your phone ring. Give us a call or contact us about how we can help.