22 October 2019

What Conversation Analytics can tell companies

If you’re a company that drives phone calls from your marketing strategies, you know the importance of call analytics. It can measure where calls come from and the volume of calls received. This is helpful information that shows how effective a marketing campaign was but it still paints an incomplete picture. Step one was finding out what drove the call to your business but now you need to know what happened during the call. Let’s talk Conversation Analytics!

Get insights from both sides of a conversation

Conversation Analytics – metrics that analyze and measure the business impact of what callers and agents say – provide information into why the call was made, the skills of the agent, the sentiment of the caller, and the outcome of the call. Insights like these provide a level of understanding only recently made possible by artificial intelligence and natural language processing, technologies applied to huge datasets of phone calls in near real time.

Conversation Analytics provide deep insights into the operational side of the sales organization, the environment where the crucial part of the customer path to purchase takes place. Once the caller leaves the marketing realm, businesses may not know what happens next. In a world where customer acquisition can cost 5x or more than customer retention, maximizing each opportunity through the entire sales process makes good business sense.

Learn why your callers are contacting you

Conversation Analytics are metrics derived from AI algorithms that analyze vast datasets of customer communications – typically phone calls. With Callcap analysis can happen by listening to calls in real time.

Analytics can provide insights into why a customer called. Was it was in response to a recent marketing promotion, for instance? They also measure caller sentiment. Did the caller have a concern? Often, Conversation Analytics are used to optimize agent performance by automating mystery shopping programs that only score a sample set of calls. In fact, Conversation Analytics can measure every call. For example, you can learn how well employees or agents follow a script. This opens up two opportunities. First, you can optimize those scripts for high-intent callers when you learn what works. Second, you can train employees or agents to follow scripts that produce results. Your business can gain a high degree of clarity into call outcomes. When a call was answered, was a sales or appointment discussed? Did the caller abandon the call? If so, why? What can we do to retarget or SAVE them?

Conversation Analytics gives you the ability to answer these types of questions. Thus, Conversation Analytics should be a key component of any call-based business’s operations. A businesses can better understand its audience, provide an excellent caller experience, and optimize marketing-driven leads for better business results.

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