17 May 2013

Webmatch Helps Businesses Improve Online Marketing

Company website updates and online advertising make up a big chunk of the marketing plan for most businesses these days. In an era where most people own a computer, and many own smartphones or i-devices of some sort, information is just a few clicks away when a purchase needs to be made.

While, like most advertising, there is some aspect of trial and error with online marketing campaigns, there are tools available to help keep track of how many visitors came to your website, and even how many filled out your contact form. But what about those customers that landed on your site, and actually called your business? How do you evaluate which marketing drove those qualified leads to your website, and from what other pages or search engines, so you can adjust and improve your online marketing campaigns?

Callcap Webmatch technology has been continually improved and tweaked for over four years. It allows you to place a piece of JavaScript on each of your websites and landing pages, attached to a campaign phone number. The web code is hidden to the customer visiting your site, but it is able to collect tons of valuable data when that customer picks up the phone to call you. Information on the person that called, what search engine they were referred from, what keyword they searched, and what page of your website they called you from are attached to each web campaign call record in your Callcap calls report. Even beyond that data, if you are using Callsurance call evaluation, Callcap can tell you the result of that call — whether or not there was an opportunity for a sale, and if so, if that sale was closed.

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