04 January 2013

University Recruitment Efforts : More Successful with Call Tracking


With expanding competition in the arena of higher education, those that capitalize on their marketing effectively to increase enrollment will be ahead of the curve.

Student populations are becoming more and more diverse, which makes targeting prospective students increasingly difficult.  The mediums used to market to this diverse student population are also ever changing.  Before beginning any advertising campaign, a school must ask itself “Are we marketing for greater name recognition, in hopes that will bring in students?” or “Are we looking for immediate results increasing our student enrollment?”

Phone calls are the most accurate way to measure the ROI from your advertising.  Sure, other mediums will increase website traffic, but what percentage of those site visitors actually become enrolled students?  In an age where people spend huge amounts of time surfing the web, you can’t gauge your marketing success based on how many times someone clicked through your website. You have to know how many legitimate leads with revenue potential picked up the phone and tried to connect with you.

Beyond tracking the success of marketing, call tracking and recording go a step further and help ensure your admission representatives are doing everything they can to close those leads that they have the opportunity to speak with on the phone. Call success analytics in near real-time allow your administrators and management team to reconnect with potentially lost leads before they enroll with a different school.