05 April 2012

Tracking Stats: A Must for Business and Baseball

Today is the day that baseball fans have been counting down to since the end of last year’s World Series: MLB Opening Day.

Teams have a fresh start and clean record heading into this season, with high hopes of victory. Coaches have been examining last year’s stats and are already creating strategies by identifying their power players on the field and at bat. Almost universally, the team that is most prepared will come home with the most victories.

Tracking stats is absolutely essential for businesses in the same way it is for baseball teams. The key to maximizing your crucial marketing budget lies in call tracking. By using a unique phone number on each advertising piece your company puts out, Callcap is able to track your stats for you and point out your best performers.

What sources are you getting the most customers from? What days and times are you experiencing the highest call volume? What is the quality of your incoming leads? These questions and more are answered on your Callcap scoreboard. Call recordings are also provided, so you have the opportunity to “go to the tapes” should any call need further analysis.

Want to identify your staff MVPs? Callsurance by Callcap will help you identify which of your team members are hitting home runs with your customers, and who might benefit from some extra coaching.

Make this season your best yet. Contact one of our business development specialists now to get in the game. 866-583-2902