12 April 2013

Tracking Numbers Powered By Demographic Data

These days, the concept of tracking your marketing is common
practice. Most businesses realize they need to know what marketing returned the
most customers and revenue. Some solutions feature web based analytic tools
and most use tracking phone numbers. What many people don’t realize is that
gathering your customer data in a smart way
provides unique insight into your business and can increase the performance of targeted

For example, you know your newspaper ad brings in a lot of
leads, but who are they?

– Are they mostly men or women?

– Did they become customers?

– Where do they live?

– What time of day did you receive
the highest number of calls?

– Were you properly staffed to answer
that many calls?

Callcap tracking numbers go beyond just call counts: we report
on your customers’ geographic area by city, state, and zip code. Each call
shows that customer’s history with your business, including call frequency,
other ad campaigns called, and time spent talking to the customer.

Additionally, with Callsurance call evaluation you will
learn the gender distribution of your callers and how that factors into
purchase decisions. Do your Yellowpage ads in the spring generate a large
number of calls, but women are more likely to make a purchase? We can show you,
and you can focus new ads on the demographics that will bring in the most
revenue for your business.

To find out more about how Callcap demographic information
can help your marketing program, call a business development specialist at
866-547-5577 or fill out our contact form .