08 March 2017

Todd Miller Named Vice President of Sales for Callcap

Callcap, a leader in call analytics, customer experience measurement, and marketing performance has announced the appointment of Todd M. Miller to Vice President of Sales.

Mr. Miller brings more than 20 years of sales management experience to Callcap, with core expertise in enterprise and agent channel development. Headquartered in Wichita, KS, Miller will oversee sales, retention, and client management, with an emphasis in building new strategic partners.

Adding Miller is an integral part of Callcap’s plan to rapidly deploy new products and services to an existing base of customers, as well as significantly increase awareness and capabilities to emerging verticals. Miller and his team will enable Callcap customers to achieve impactful media visibility on a unified platform, and help brands and their agencies understand how to best leverage those connection points.

“Todd brings a unique combination of media, telecommunications, and sales operations to a team poised for its next stage of growth,” said Will Steinhoff, Callcap, President/CEO. “His ability to recruit talent and develop complex projects is proven.”

Prior to Callcap, Miller led Enterprise Sales for Cox Business in KS, where his team was responsible for driving revenue with high cap customers throughout the region. While at Cox Business, the region experienced industry leading growth.

He also held sales leadership roles at NuVox, Birch and ionex communications.

“I have been fortunate in my career to be involved with high growth sales organizations. The smart technology Callcap utilizes, combined with the momentum they’ve gained, makes this a great opportunity to continue increasing local and national visibility,” said Miller. “The company’s impressive and diverse client base speaks to the current team and dedication they have to customers.”

About Callcap

Callcap is a client’s “authentic friend.” By helping businesses deliver exceptional customer experiences through call tracking and monitoring solutions, Callcap has gained national recognition. Founded in 2001, the company was first to deploy virtual numbers with complete caller data, real-time call recordings, and near real-time call outcomes. Callcap customers gain a competitive position by knowing which on-line and off-line marketing pieces are performing and driving ROI. Callcap also offers a suite of HIPAA, PCI compliance services and SMS platforms.