16 March 2012

Time is Money

Call evaluation offers many benefits for businesses. Improved CSR performance, training tools, and lead quality analysis are just a few of the ways call evaluation can improve your team’s performance. However there is a bigger benefit available through Callcap that no other call tracking company offers; near real-time call analysis…and a chance to recover customers before they turn to your competitor.

Think about it. When you call a business looking for a product or service, and get a busy signal, or the call is not answered, or your customer service rep can’t answer your questions, do you stop trying to make a purchase and give up? Probably not. You turn to the next name in the phonebook who might be able to satisfy your need. Such is the way it goes with your customers, who have tried to give their money to your business…and then took their money elsewhere when someone on your team dropped the ball.

With Callcap’s world class call evaluation service, Callsurance, you can be notified within moments when you miss a customer opportunity. This gives you a rare second chance to call the customer back, and save the sale before it goes to your competitor. That short turnaround time makes a big difference; last year, Callcap clients as a whole saved over half a billion dollars in revenue by using Callsurance.

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