23 November 2016

Three Ways Outsourcing Will Save Money… And Your Sanity

“Business owners have a lot on their plates. They want to make the best decisions possible with the best resources available to them. Callcap allows them to focus on the things they’re best at, while leaving customer interaction to us – and that’s what we’re best at.”

Cynthia Gibbs, National Account Executive, Callcap

Running a business requires having an ear on every call, customer interaction and sale. That’s a lot of ears, and you’re only one person! What if there was a way to outsource some of your responsibilities to seasoned pros? A company who focuses on digging deep into what’s really going with your customers, how customer interactions are really going with your employees, and how much return you’re really getting for your marketing efforts?

If the word “outsourcing” carries any kind of a negative connotation for you, consider the benefits call monitoring through Callcap offers (and there are many!).

A Backup Team of Support

Callcap’s call monitoring service acts as your personal support system. You’ll notice the benefits of using the call monitoring service in all the right places like employee training, and in-depth insight to what’s really going on behind the scenes. This is information you can’t afford not to know, ya know? Imagine your company’s untapped potential hiding here in the details of your business…

Control Over Your Customers’ Experience

We’ve heard about companies who admit to using random internet users for their call grading. That’s like hiring a CEO with no business experience whatsoever. Doesn’t make much sense, right? Somebody has to take the reigns!! With Callcap, our services are designed to improve your customers’ experience from every angle – giving you complete control of just how happy your customers are when they hang up. Call monitoring can lead to more comprehensive training opportunities for your employees, which in turns frees you up to do your actual job with confidence instead of panicking every time the phone rings.

Learn Your True Marketing Potential

Call monitoring is a gateway to invaluable information you might have thought was unattainable before now. Or maybe you just had no idea how to track it, or even that you should. Think about it this way. Would you change the way you do things if you knew more about where your business was coming from? Or whether people were taking advantage of the promotions you were offering? We bet the answer is “yes.” Or, at least it should be!

Sound Like More Than You Can Handle?

All that information gathering sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Good news. The only bit of work you have to do is put the right team in place to handle it all for you! Outsource these vitally important tasks to Callcap call monitoring and we’ll put the information right at your fingertips. The hard part is done and you can get to work on building, growing, improving your company.

Sound like a plan? Learn more about Callcap’s call monitoring services over here. And give us a call! We’d love to talk about your specific needs.