20 February 2019

There’s a Lot of Tech-Talent in Kansas. We’ll Gladly Shine That Light.

We believe knowledge is power. And as a technology company, we get a glorious front row seat when our customers use the power of tech to better their businesses. Technology drives… well, everything – and it’s not going away which is why it’s ridiculously important to support the next generation of technology-driven minds. So that’s exactly what we’re doing.

How, you ask?

We’re linking arms with several other companies right here in Wichita to attract and retain tech talent through a new non-profit organization called FlagshipKansas.Tech. Our Vice President of Technology T.J. Frevert is a founding member of this organization, whose goal is to form a collective platform of support for technology companies in our great state of Kansas.

“This is a very exciting time for technology, and we have a dedicated organization that will work to raise awareness, grow our workforce and help cultivate educational programs for tech companies in Kansas,” said Frevert.

There’s no shortage of passion behind FlagshipKansas.Tech. Other board members include Keycentrix president Luis Rodriguez, Flint Hills Group CEO Dave Cunningham, NetApp general manager and vice president Robin Huber, Cornerstone Data president Joy Eakins, High Touch CIO and vice president Kevin Colborn, PK Technology director Ben Burrus, and Workforce Alliance of Kansas vice president Amanda Duncan.

So much to be proud of.

Wichita has come into its own over the past ten years – everywhere you turn a Wichita flag flies high. As a city, we’re already supporting aviation, healthcare and agriculture – and it’s time to support technology the same way technology supports our other primary industries. Because as the FlagshipKansas.Tech website states, we’re better together.

“It is time to bring Kansas technology companies to the forefront…Together, we can showcase available talent and career potential waiting to be unlocked in our state while helping each other continue to thrive in Kansas.”

Callcap is proud to support technology in Kansas!