20 December 2016

The Competition is Steep. Get a Leg Up.

We live in a free market, which means competition lurks around every corner. Looking at you, big businesses! You’re constantly working to stay ahead of the game – doing research on the absolute best places to spend your marketing dollars so they have the biggest impact on your customers. You have the biggies covered: advertising, sales, and building a recognizable brand. You might be missing something, though.

“So many times we see companies focus their efforts on external promotion and they forget the one thing that will retain customers once they’ve been engaged. The employees under the hood have just as much of an opportunity to grow your business as sales and marketing do. In fact, we might argue that a good customer experience is worth more than an ad run in the paper because it leads to word of mouth referrals – and that’s the most effective marketing tactic of all!”

Brett Howard, Director of Sales, Callcap

There’s competition for your business outside the workplace, but you should also create an environment of healthy competition inside your four walls by evaluating the performance of your employees to improve call quality. If you do it right, the result will be a front line that strives for better results… and a customer happy with theirs. So, what are the advantages of using Callcap as a catalyst for those improvements?

Improve Customer-Employee Satisfaction through Accountability

Increase accountability in your employees with Enterprise Callsurance through Callcap’s call monitoring feature. Evaluate phone calls and essentially answer these two questions:

  • Did your Customer Service or Sales Representative provide a good customer experience?
  • Did the appropriate department in your company fulfill the customer’s needs?

By making sure calls get where they need to go, you’re holding your front line accountable to do their best!

Receive Greater Value for Less Money

What better way to track your marketing spend and really see what’s working – and what’s not? With call tracking you can find out where your marketing efforts are falling short, and where they’re thriving. This comprehensive tool gives you a bird’s eye view of your efforts, and even lets you zoom in on the details. It even lets you track website traffic, and then merge that data with call traffic. When we said comprehensive, we meant it!

When you invest wisely – in your front line and in advertising dollars through Callcap, your money goes further, your employees experience a greater sense of involvement in your company’s success, and you gain more knowledge to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Learn Your True Marketing Potential

Call monitoring is a gateway to invaluable information you might have thought was unattainable before now. Or maybe you just had no idea how to track it, or even that you should. Think about it this way. Would you change the way you do things if you knew more about where your business was coming from? Or whether people were taking advantage of the promotions you were offering? We bet the answer is “yes.” Or, at least it should be!

Never Stop Learning… or Improving

If you think you know it all, you’re in for a wild (and probably pretty short) ride as a business owner. To keep growth and expansion at the forefront of your efforts, you must continually improve. Evolve, Learn. Make sure your employees know you’re investing in them not only right now, but in their future. They’re a part of your success, and the training and attention you provide them will equip them to skyrocket your company to infinity and beyond. So, help them fix mistakes before those errors turn into lost business and essentially stunt growth.

Callcap’s customer recovery feature gives you a second chance with customers who reported a negative interaction with one of your employees. Make sure you learn from these situations, and use the experience to turn what could have been a loss into a win by doing things differently the second time around. Customer recovery gives you a chance to really focus on the customers you already have. Who wouldn’t want to go back and right a wrong if given the opportunity?

Giving your employees the tools to do their best work is imperative to the success of your company. When employees feel confident, they’re likely to subconsciously convey that attitude to customers. And when they perform well, they want to continue performing well. It’s human nature to want to compete – Callcap can help you do that in a healthy, positive way!

We’d love to talk with you about how the features discussed here can help generate an environment of healthy competition resulting in the growth of your company. Give us a call today!