12 September 2018

Texting is the Next Big Thing in the Home Services Industry.

We’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth repeating. Sure, your Home Service professionals are wizards at fixing serious issues, but your business is about more than that. It’s about providing excellent customer service. Because if your customers don’t get what they need from you, they’ll move on to the next guy who can solve their Home Service problems ASAP.

That means you need to be available for your existing and potential customers. And that means expanding your lines of communication to more than phone calls and emails. That’s right, we’re talking about Text Messaging.

Availability vs accessibility. Let’s be clear about the difference!

But don’t worry, we’re not saying you gotta be on call at all hours of the day (and night!) because you’ve given people one more way to get a hold of you. We’re saying that by enabling NEXTms through Callcap, you’re giving your customers a more natural way to reach out when they need help. Your availability doesn’t have to change, but with this simple addition you’re changing your accessibility. And that’s huge.

NEXTms is easier for clients, easier for you.

Everyone texts. But you’ll have a leg up on your local competition if you allow your customers to text you. Plus, by opening up this “new” line of communication, you’re also opening the door to more information about your customers. Which is great because it means you can learn more about your target market… and then market to them more effectively.

With NEXTms, you can:

  • Receive and respond to text messages, photos and videos in a secured environment.
  • Allow agents to handle five times the amount of customers.
  • Improve customer response rates, loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Use as an internal instant messaging solution.
  • Access conversations as they happen, with extensive monitored analytics!

Texting isn’t new, but it is relatively new to business, particularly the Home Services industry. It’s become a natural method of communication, and many people prefer texting over talking on the phone. Meet your customers where they are (hint: they’re texting), and as a result you’ll be viewed as more attentive, and more likely to gain and retain them as customers because of it.

Contact us today to talk about how NEXTms will take your Home Services business to the next level!