25 February 2013

Taking Measures to Prepare Your Business for Severe Winter Weather

Many people across the US have experienced the stress of dealing with severe winter weather over the last few months. While we saw extreme amounts of snow and blizzard conditions in the Northeastern part of the country just a month ago, this week the Midwest braces itself for its second round of serious winter weather…leaving many businesses closed as folks hunker down in their homes to ride out the storm.

Grocery and home improvement stores have been overrun with people trying to prepare for the possibility of being snowed in for a couple days…but how do you take measures to prepare your business? Even when the weather takes a turn and it becomes necessary to close down shop physically, your clients may still need you. If you service customers not only locally but also nationally or internationally, the weather in your area will not be affecting their need to make purchases or seek out support from you.

This is one of the reasons Callcap has fashioned our user interface with the ability to redirect your business phone lines from anywhere you have access to a computer. By keeping control cloud-based, if you see that the weather is going to be bad, you can have your employees working safely from home, and point your business phone numbers to their home or cell phones. You can stay on top of sales this way and avoid losing too much business when you are unable to make it in to your store or office, and also create greater customer loyalty by showing you are available to your customers when they need you, come rain, shine, or snow.

For more information and to prepare your business phone numbers before storm season hits full swing, give us a call today at 866-362-3078 or fill out a contact form at https://www.callcap.com/contact/.