29 March 2012

Take Action Now to Prevent Losing Summer Revenue

The spring season is well underway. The temperature continues to climb each day, the trees are budding, and the flowers are in bloom. For the next couple of months, the weather should be just about perfect. This can create a lull in business for some HVAC companies, as lack of extreme weather creates less necessity for A/C and furnace usage. However, when the first heat wave of the summer hits, phones will start ringing off the hook. Many customers with A/C units that have not been serviced since last year will turn them on for the first time and find they are not in working order.

When HVAC companies are flooded with calls from desperate customers, their schedules start to fill up quickly. Even with technicians out working overtime, they still have to turn away customers every year due to lack of manpower and hours in the day to service everyone at once. They may justify turning customers away because their schedules are so full that they “don’t need the extra business”. But revenue is revenue.

Utilizing Callcap Broadcast Messaging NOW can help ensure you are able to cash in on every dollar of potential revenue this season. Send a broadcast message to your client base in the spring, before the extreme heat sets in. You can remind them that the summer is approaching quickly, and it is time to schedule their yearly A/C maintenance. You will be able to start filling up your schedule without overworking your technicians, avoid turning any customers away, and build customer loyalty by showing your consideration of their comfort.

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