06 March 2012

Strengthen the Bond Between Your Company and Your Customers.

Building meaningful relationships with your customers will help you ditch the never-ending “price war” with your competitors for good, and at the same time provide you a powerful advantage; loyal customers who will give you their return business and promote and defend your company…for free.

One way to strengthen the emotional bond between the customer and your business is by paying attention to the way your customers are handled by your support staff. Really pay attention, not just record your phone calls and store them in a closet never to be listened to again. This allows you to personally apologize to anyone who was not given the best experience your company has to offer. Another easy solution is sending out post-purchase customer experience surveys. Even if not every customer completes the survey, the old saying “It’s the thought that counts” will ring true on this one.

Customers will always feel good when you care to ask how they were treated. Contact us today to find out all the ways Callcap can improve your customer relationships. 866-547-5577.