26 April 2018

Spam Caller Reputations Precede Them: Bad News for Them, Great News for Your CSRs

You can’t see them, but they’re out there. People and bots trying to waste your time, steal your money and irritate your customer service representatives. Spam callers are sneaky. Nobody can stop them from dialing your number. But you can stop the call from going through.

Callcap uses technology that blocks spam callers by reputation, so the call gets knocked out before it even makes it to your reps. More about that in a minute, but blocking spam is incredibly important for a couple reasons:

Save Time and Money by Blocking out the Noise.

Spam callers are a distraction, plain and simple. They interrupt the flow of the day, and we all know that flow can be hard to even reach sometimes. When your reps are in the zone, the last thing they need is to be harassed for their own SSN, asked for address confirmation to mail them any kind of a packet, or badgered by the “IRS” threatening to show up on their front door. It’s only natural for a human to get a little irritated after interruptions… but when that interruption is completely unsolicited and not even by a real human, it’s even worse.

According to Forbes, “71% of people report frequent interruptions when they’re working.”

While most people can’t eliminate all interruptions throughout the day. The real problem arises when those interruptions result in a negative attitude. Irritation from being interrupted, nagged, swindled, or bugged for something that was a total waste of time. Spam callers are all those things.

Boost CSR Morale by Fighting for Your Team.

The negative attitude will directly translate to the rep’s next caller – even if they don’t realize it. You hired your customer service reps because they’re smart, personable, and relational. In the end, your customers aren’t getting the best version of your reps if they’re irritated. Which means they’re not getting the best version of your company. Many times, your customer service reps sit at the top of the sales funnel – when the goal is to get your customer to know, like, and trust you. It’s imperative reps are able to put their best foot forward.

If you take the extra step to block spam callers, your employees know you’re fighting for them in all kinds of ways. You’re fighting to give them a positive environment so they can do their best work. You’re fighting for them to build positive relationships with customers so they can grow as people. And you’re setting an amazing example of what it means to be a good leader.

Big Problem, Simple Solution.

It’s not often you have such a big problem that also comes with such a simple solution. Callcap’s spam blocking technology is 97% accurate and will block the call before it even reaches your rep’s board. It identifies more than 20 types of spam and risk categories, including: robocalls, telemarketers, IRS scams, and tech support scams. Plus, Callcap gets real time updates on this stuff – we’re talking perpetual reports on new spammers which means we can update our reputation list 24/7.

This isn’t just something you could do. It’s something you should do.