16 March 2020

Setting Up Emergency Repoint

Due to current business impacts associated with COVID-19, and many employees contemplating working from home, we want to ensure you don’t miss a single call. With Callcap’s Emergency Repoint, you can quickly change your destination number. Whether it’s to send all your calls to a call center, an answering service, or different land lines; Emergency Repoint makes it so simple to send your calls to be handled by areas less affected or a number more easily accessible.

With our ease of changing forwarding numbers, you can also send your calls to employees working from home; send all calls to one number or send them to multiple numbers using our Ring Group feature.

The Setup

Head to your customer dashboard. Over campaigns, you’ll find Emergency Repoint.

Upon selecting ‘Emergency Repoint’, choose the location associated with your account.

This is the account tree, select your location (it will be in blue) and then select “choose location” at the bottom of the page.

You will then enter your Emergency Destination in the blank box then select “Repoint All Campaigns Under…..” to route your line to the new number.

Please note if you have “Time of Day Routing” set up on your lines in our system, you will need to make the routing change there.

Should you have any questions, we would be happy to help! You can contact Support at 866-731-1151 Option 1.


  • The Callcap Team