11 May 2018

Segment Your Audience to Reach Them Where They Are.

If you’re any good at your job (like, at all) then you probably have a general idea who your audience is. You know their basic demographics. Male or female. Age. Address and phone number. Things like that.

Ever wondered what would happen if you knew a little more about them? You could talk about things that actually matter to them instead of things you think might matter. You could offer to support them through a particular stage of life you know they’re in. You could cut through the clutter of overcrowded inboxes, bypass the incessant dinging of phones, and blast past the neon blinking billboards that all want something from your customers. Instead, you can offer something they want.

Advanced Demographics Mean You Can Hyper-Segment Your Audience.

Callcap offers Advanced Demographic Data, which is how you actually get the information which allows you to be relevant. When your customer calls in, the recording is stored right in your portal – along with a large amount of additional information about the caller. Things like what kind of car they drive, household income, what email addresses do they use, how many payments are left on their mortgage, whether they’ve moved homes recently, how many bathrooms do they have… the list goes on.

You can imagine how helpful this is for all kinds of industries.

A real estate company can reach out to families with their houses on the market about new homes that just hit the MLS and are also within their price range. A financial consulting company can reach out to callers who have filed for bankruptcy about a new course they’re offering on financial management. You get the idea.

Trust Callcap To Fill In Your Demographic Gaps.

Callcap is your consumer identity management expert; we’re 100% focused on the most current and accurate consumer identity information, which is available on demand. It gets better, though. We maintain an expansive data network, leveraging 97,500,000 daily updates across our master identity graph of 255 million (yes, million) consumers. Our Advanced Demographic data can complete an entire consumer profile, including identity, scoring, and attributions when you need it. (Seriously, it’s crazy how fast we can grab that data for you.)

The possibilities are plenty, and in an age where consumers are being targeted on every level it’s imperative you prioritize what matters to them. But you don’t know what you don’t know. So, get yourself in the know and do a better job of speaking directly to your customers and meeting them where they are. In life, in their family, in their finances, or even in their car. Give us a call to find out more about getting started with Advanced Demographic Data.