02 March 2018

Retain Customers in the Midst of Employee Turnover

There are usually two ways a customer service rep stops being an employee: by gracefully moving on to other opportunities, or storming out in an angry cloud of dust. While we sincerely hope the former speaks to your general experience, we’ve all been face-to-face with the latter at least once, right? Either way, as an employer you need measures in place to make sure you retain the customers your rep left behind. Here’s how you do that.

A Remote Environment Does Not Mean Every Rep for Themselves.

Let’s say you have a remote team, as so many of us do these days. It’s not likely you’ll ship them a company phone, right? They’ll probably just use their own cells. But here’s the thing. You don’t want them using their own cell numbers. Then you can’t track their contacts, their leads, their anything. So your first step to protecting your customers against losing touch with you if an employee moves on is to get your reps Callcap numbers. They can be forwarded to the rep’s cell or home, and then your rep can keep track of all the customer data from a super convenient online interface. The beauty? You have access to all that, too. So when your rep leaves your company, she (or he) leaves your customer right where they need to be: in touch with you.

Go Above and Beyond for Your Customers.

We know you’re not the type to settle for good enough. That’s why you’re reading this article – because you want to arm yourself with knowledge and make your company better! First of all, we applaud your motivation. Second of all, we can totally help you.

Hubspot listed a bunch of other things you can do to protect yourself from losing a client when employees leave. You can get the infographic over here but here’s a quick rundown:

  • Invest in a CRM software so your customer data is all in one place. That’s just smart business management right there.
  • Conduct regular pipeline interviews so you can stay in touch with your employees workload.
  • Do random customer visits so your customers know their rep has the support of their company behind them!
  • Schedule quarterly reviews with your customers so you can keep a pulse on opportunities for improvement.
  • Get social as a company so your customers do more than connect with employees on an individual level.

Bonus Advice: Call Recording Takes the Cake

Imagine this. Your rep just put in their two weeks two weeks ago, and you’re prepping to take over his workload. You call up Mr. Customer and say, “Hi Mr. Customer! I wanted to reach out and introduce myself as your new point of contact on this project. I see you previously worked with Mr. Rep on all this, and it looks like you guys talked about (fill in the blank) and (fill in the blank) but never got around to discussing (fill in the blank). Can we pick up there?”

And your customer will feel incredibly important because not only did you reach out first, providing excellent continuity of care before they even knew there was any disruption of care, but you’re all caught up on their profile. Mic drop.

How’s all that possible, you ask? Callcap’s call recording. Keep a record of what was said and when. Have solid information to listen back on, and it’ll be like you were there the whole time. Because hey, you were.

Let’s recap, shall we?

We know you’re doing an awesome job of managing your employees, but turnover is a part of life. Be prepared for it with Callcap phone numbers for professional routing and so much more, a great relationship with your customers and internal team, and Callcap’s call recording feature for the win.