28 May 2010

Redirect Campaign Phone Numbers Over the Holiday Weekend to Save Sales Leads

Memorial Day weekend… the un-official kick off to summer. Whether you are heading to the beach, the lake or just the newly opened local swimming pools, it is time to enjoy some overdue rest, relaxation, barbecue and sunshine… not to mention a long weekend away from work. However, as you as a consumer are well aware, just because some businesses are closed for the holiday on Monday, customer needs do not go on vacation. There will inevitably be missed calls while you are away. So while you are crunching into that hamburger and throwing back a cold one this weekend, you won’t be able to help but think about some of the money going down the toilet while you are on hiatus from work.

Callcap allows you the opportunity to save potentially lost sales leads… without stepping away from your holiday parties. You have the option to instantly redirect your campaign phone numbers at any time. Point your business numbers to your home or cell phone for the weekend, and capitalize on being available to customers when most of your competition is shut down.

Instant number redirection… just another way your Callcap service strives to give you a constant edge over your competition.