19 November 2019

Reach Customers Where They Are. Which is Probably with Their Phones.

Ever lost your phone? Even for five minutes? Did you panic? Uhh, right. Us, either…

The reality is that you rarely see a human without a phone attached to them these days. It’s how we stay connected with the rest of the world — in more ways than one. As a business, it makes brilliant sense to build relationships the way your customers prefer. Through their phones.

Okay, so what are we talking about here? It’s broadcast messaging. It’s instantly delivering voice messages, texts or a phone survey to your customer’s phone. In a nutshell, it’s when your customers give the okay for you to send them messages, and you do so. It can be applied lots of different ways, and has been rapidly gaining in popularity over the past few years.

“Mobile creates a fast audience and contact opportunity. Companies need to consider the efficiencies and direct communication experience of broadcast. ” – Will Steinhoff, President/CEO, Callcap

Here are a couple reasons broadcast messaging is something you should seriously consider.

It’s Not Spam.

Don’t even think of painting broadcast messaging with that brush. The people you’re messaging have already opted in. So they actually want to hear from you.

You’re not bugging them, we promise. In fact, you’re doing exactly what they asked: communicating with them in a way they feel comfortable with. That’s why open rates and conversion rates are so much higher with broadcast messaging than with other forms of online marketing (looking at you, email).

It’s Fantastic for All Businesses.

For example, if you have a membership based company, or a club of any kind where members pay dues, it’s a fantastic idea to remind them you exist every now and then. Imagine this scenario: your customers’ membership with your gym includes a free monthly session with a personal trainer. But people often forget this is a thing, so the free sessions are rarely claimed. You know the more your customers are engaged with personal trainers, the more likely they are to stick with a workout plan… and stick with your gym. So you could set up a friendly (yet motivating!) voice message or text to broadcast to your members at the beginning of each month reminding them to schedule their appointment! And at the end of the message, they can tap a button to be instantly connected with you to schedule right then and there. You’re making life so easy!!

“Callcap’s Broadcast Text Messaging product is working so well to help fill our appointment calendar. It’s better than we ever imagined, allowing us to maximize our potential revenue!” – Courtney Wilkinson, VP of Administrative Operations, Minuteman Heating & Air

Yes, Callcap Offers Broadcast Messaging.

Callcap wouldn’t be Callcap if it didn’t give its customers cutting edge ways to stay in touch with theirs. So naturally, Callcap offers Broadcast Messaging services, along with tracking, stats, and all the tools you need to make the most of your campaign. You can learn more about the details over here , including some helpful hints like making sure to schedule your broadcast delivery for a time when you have plenty of people available to answer the phone… you’d be surprised at some of the things we’ve seen.

Callcap would love to talk to you about making broadcast messaging a part of your customer retention and outreach plan. Give us a call to learn how we can tailor this service to your business!