21 February 2012

QR Codes Improved With Call Tracking

Quick Response (QR) codes are popping up more and more as additions to visual marketing mediums. By scanning the small checkered box with their smartphone, customers can be redirected to microsites with more information about the advertised product or service.

According to the NY Times, the QR advertising method goes far beyond basic print mediums. A Barcelona runway model was reported to have a QR code printed on the bodice of her gown last year, and a company called Skanz (owned by QR Media Group) handed out silicone bracelets at Consumer Electronics Week last summer that linked to personal web pages with contact info, social media links, and photos/videos. Nobody even exchanged business cards.

So, how can a business owner further capitalize on the growing popularity of this marketing medium?

Easy. Call tracking and web-to-phone conversion tracking.

One way to put this method into action is by placing a call tracking number equipped with web-to-phone conversion tracking on your QR landing page. When a customer scans the code, arrives on your microsite or webpage, and then calls your business, Callcap is able to capture the number of calls that were driven specifically by your QR code, and also analytics on each interested caller.

Many companies also use their QR codes to give potential sales leads an easy way to call. QR scanners on smartphones will turn a phone number within a QR code into a direct dial link, saving the user the hassle of dialing a full phone number. When that number is power loaded with call tracking and analysis, your company will be able to see how many calls were generated by an initial QR Code scan, and then, with call evaluation powered by Callsurance, which of those calls became successful sales.