16 April 2012

Protect Your Business From Storm Season Disasters

Over 121 tornadoes ravaged the U.S. Central Plains on Saturday night. Estimated damage and loss in the area was projected to be over $283 million. The Callcap building remained out of harm’s way, but there were direct hits to many other companies around the Wichita, KS area. Several parts of town were even put on restricted access and labeled disaster areas.

We want you to rest assured that even if the Callcap datacenter had been hit, our systems would have automatically failed over to our disaster recovery location over 900 miles away.

What do you do as a business owner when destructive weather conditions prevent your customers from being able to interact with your business?

Callcap offers you the opportunity to avoid shutting down your whole business due to unpredictable forces of nature. When bad weather hits and your business lines are impaired, or you cannot physically reach your office, you have the ability to log into your account remotely and REDIRECT your numbers to your home or cellular phone. You won’t miss one incoming sales lead due to storm destruction, and certainly won’t mind fielding customers from your competitors while they try to repair their own damaged lines.

Natural disasters happen… business disasters don’t have to.

Contact us today or call 866-547-5577 to get more information on how to protect your business lines with Callcap.