09 September 2010

Protect sales leads by using tracking numbers on employee business cards

It is a fact that at some point every business experiences employee turnover. When a position becomes open and requires a replacement, there is a fair amount of work involved in setting up a new workstation, new email address, new phone number and new business cards. Unfortunately, with the common practice of allowing employees to put their personal phone numbers on their business cards, any customers or leads the previous employee may have acquired will have no way of getting connected with your business.

By utilizing a Callcap call tracking number on your employee business cards, not only will you have the benefit of maintaining possession of it as employees turnover so as not to lose any future incoming leads, but additionally you will have the ability to manage lead quality and volumes for each position you employ with our call tracking and measurement services. This is a valuable tool for performance evaluations and allows you to stay better connected to your business.

Contact our sales department today at sales@callcap.com to learn more about how utilizing company-owned call tracking numbers for business contact items can help you make the most of your expenditure budget and maximize future sales leads.