12 September 2014

Protect+ by Callcap: PCI Compliance Made Simple

We’re serious about helping your business work better, and one important way we can do that is by giving you tools you need to keep your customers’ information protected. With #Protect by Callcap, we’ve addressed how our manual recording pausing system can eliminate breaches and software vulnerabilities by ensuring authentication data is not captured. However, throughout our conversations with you, we discovered that we could do even more about the compliance issues you’re facing—introducing Protect+ by Callcap.

What is Protect+?

Protect+ provides the next level of PCI compliance to ensure security and privacy through automated voice analysis. Using voice analysis, Protect+ automatically reviews your business recording, directly looking for numbers that match the pattern of credit card information. It then erases that part of the recording, all without human interaction.

Why Does Your Company Need Protect+?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) forbids companies from not only retaining authentication data in any format, but also from storing sensitive data, including card validation codes and values, even if they are encrypted.

That means your organization may be in breach of compliance standards if you’re storing non-compliant recorded call data, no matter how small or large your archive is. With Protect+, you can redact the sensitive data and ensure your historical archives are accurate without breaching compliance standards. Without Protect+, your organization risks financial penalties and an erosion of your customers’ confidence.

“PCI compliance is the minimum requirement for anyone handling credit card information,” Callcap CEO Will Steinhoff said.
“The penalties of non-compliance are often not discussed, nor widely publicized. More importantly—and as we’ve seen in the headlines—a breach can be very disruptive for business.”

For PCI compliance, you can’t beat the Protect+ system.

  • Compliance: Our recordings have always been stored securely, and Protect+ adds another layer of protection to sensitive data and ensures PCI compliance.
  • Reduces human error: We handle the tough part of finding credit card numbers and preventing their storage, which reduces your business’ liabilities.
  • Seamless compatibility with #Protect: Customers will be able to use Protect+ and #Protect together. If your company needs to scrub credit card information and other sensitive customer information, you can use Protect+ (call scrubbing) for removing credit card information and #Protect (recording pausing) to omit the other sensitive information, including social security numbers and passcodes.
  • Flexibility: For those customers who rarely take personal information, using only Protect+ may be a better fit. We provide both options, so you can choose which option best serves your company.

Callcap is unique in offering this solution—few call tracking companies, call recording solutions, or on-site phone systems provide the PCI compliant recordings you’ll find with Protect+ and #Protect.

If you’d like more information about Protect+ by Callcap, call 866-362-3078 to talk to a business development representative or have us get in touch with you.