27 February 2012

Proactive Franchisors are Key to Franchisee Success


No franchisor likes to hear that one of their franchisees is closing their doors. The frustration is compounded when a franchise coach finds that shutdown could have been prevented if the franchisee had simply requested assistance.

Often franchise coaches are thrust into a problem as a reactive measure instead of a proactive approach.  “The squeaky wheel gets the oil”…but the wheel that is routinely maintenance never becomes squeaky. Franchisors need a window into the ground floor of all franchisees operations.

The most effective means of maintaining success throughout franchise locations is through real-time call recording and analytics reports. Daily, weekly and monthly reports can quickly identify locations or regions that are experiencing challenges, and agents who need special one-on-one training. With this proactive approach the franchisor can adjust his/her resources to support the struggling location during the challenging times.

Now, instead of finding problems late in the game and discussing last ditch efforts or exit strategies, the franchise coach can continually build the relationship with the challenged location. And as most that have worked in the Franchisor side of the business would agree, this relationship is what is often blamed for the failure or triumphantly praised for the locations success.


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