10 July 2017

Performance Transparency is Scary. But Here Is Why Your Business Desperately Needs It.

There’s nothing worse than when you pop the hood of your car and smoke billows out. It’s the absolute last thing you want to have happen, right? Because you know at that point the situation is too far gone; you’re not going to be able to put a bandaid on your engine and continue driving. Your car needs some serious work. Now begins the journey of figuring out what went wrong and where.

Here’s the thing. Preventative maintenance could have, well, prevented this from happening. Having someone peek under the hood every now and then to not only make sure things are running smoothly, but identify the parts that aren’t running smoothly could have saved you a whole bunch of time and money. And what do you do with the parts that are showing signs of failing? You clean ‘em off. You tighten the screws. You replace them entirely. But knowledge is power. You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken.

Your business is the exact same way.

Performance transparency can be scary. Actually, any kind of transparency can be scary because it makes you vulnerable. But vulnerability is what will help you grow because it’s opening your eyes to what’s wrong so you can make it right. And that is definitely not scary.

What’s performance transparency, anyway?

Performance transparency is having real answers for the hard questions. You know, the ones like:

  • Are you holding your team members accountable to results?
  • Do you trust the numbers you’re getting that prove or disprove those results?
  • Are you actually reaching performance goals?
  • Do your employees have an “owners mentality?”
  • How did you lose your last customer?
  • How do your managers view customer sentiment?

These are the questions that will reveal the soul of your business. You can have an outstanding product, but if your company culture is always in “self-preservation” mode instead of “proactive performance” mode, what you’re selling will fail to really resonate with your customers. So you have to be in the trenches. You must have an eye and ear on everything that happens so you can be the preventative maintenance that will essentially act as your company’s catalyst for growth.

“But wait,” you say. “There’s just one problem. You don’t know what you don’t know, ya know?” Yeah, we know. We know so well, in fact, that we made it our business to help you know what you don’t know. Let’s break that down, yeah? Here’s how to get that coveted performance transparency.

Listen up.

No, really. Listen to the calls your employees are having with your customers. You’re not spying. You’re not invading anyone’s space. You’re not even hovering. You’re monitoring. You have a right and a responsibility to know what transpires on that phone line, and getting insight to exactly how things go can tell you so much about your business.

You want to make sure your employees not only represent your organization well, but have all the tools they need to do their jobs! If you notice your customers service team is struggling to answer questions in a certain area, it’s a bright neon flashing indicator light that more product training is needed. If you notice a particular employee consistently losing sales but she’s presenting the information accurately, it’s time to chat with her about her tone. If you spot a representative perpetually knocking it out of the park, well, let’s just say you’ve found some fantastic new training material!

So you have to listen, and to do that, you have to monitor what’s going on using tools you can rely on. (Psst. Check out Callcap’s Call Monitoring features over here.)

Get down in the details.

Okay, so now that you know what’s going on, it’s time to figure out how it’s going on. Remember those trusted tools we mentioned a second ago? What if one of those tools was a custom scorecard that kept track of the most important things you want to know about each call? Things like whether your representative stuck to the script, said please and thank you, or spoke in a genuine or disinterested tone of voice. Or maybe you want to know at-a-glance how often your existing customers call, and what they’re calling for. Interested in whether or not the customer signed up for your loyalty program? There should be a tool for all that!

Oh, wait. There is a tool for all that – it’s actually one of the features of Callcap’s call monitoring service. Custom Scorecards. You decide what you need to know from every call, and Callcap will track it and give the call a score. The custom part is the best, though, because that means you can tailor each question so the only information you’re focusing on is the information you should be focusing on.

Total performance transparency is easier to obtain than you thought, right? Use the right intuitive tools, and suddenly you know exactly what to fix before it breaks. Get the answers to those hard questions the easy way with Callcaps’s Call Monitoring and Custom Scorecard services.