22 February 2012

Overcome Phone Rep’s “Bad Days” With Near Real-time Call Analysis


Everyone has the occasional bad day. You see people post comments on their facebook walls all the time detailing some mess they are dealing with, or that nothing has been going right for them that day, or that they are counting the minutes to get out of work and start over fresh tomorrow. Their bad attitude is going to cost them a day of their life moping and being grumpy…but have you ever considered how much revenue an employee’s bad day costs a business?

Think about it. If a company has five agents answering their phones and they each take an average of 40 calls per day each (200 total calls), they are probably converting about half of those calls into customers (20 per day, per agent). Now, say we estimate each customer is worth about $500.00.  At the end of the day, each agent is converting about $10,000 per day.  

So, if an agent comes into the office on a normal day, and converts only half of the lead calls they take into sales, what happens when the same agent comes in having woke up on the wrong side of the bed, fought with their boyfriend/girlfriend, been cut off in traffic and spilled coffee down the front of their shirt? They end up just trying to gut through the rest of the workday, and certainly are not focused on putting forth an all-star performance.

 If they manage to convert half of the leads that they normally would, that would still cost their employer $5,000.00 in revenue… and the employer never knows what happened. They see the sales numbers later that week and just assume it was a slow day, when really, revenue was there to be had but their bummed out employee either didn’t have the drive to get it and just let the phone ring, or put their worst face forward on the phone and drove customers away.

What do you think the total cost of bad days is to American businesses? Billions? Trillions? 

There isn’t any avoiding the fact that bad days happen. You can’t keep your employees happy all the time, but what you CAN do is take a proactive approach to heading off bad days before they have a chance to take a chunk out of your bottom line. Placing call tracking numbers on your business phone lines allows you to monitor the incoming calls to your business, and encourages Bad Day Employees not to say anything over the phone that they might be reprimanded for later. That is a good start towards correcting the problem.

You can also take that concept further with near real-time call analysis (https://www.callcap.com/products/callsurance/).  If you are able to identify a missed sales opportunity in near real-time, you have a golden opportunity to call the customer back to save the sale before that revenue goes to a competitor (and, in some cases, save the reputation of your business before a poorly treated customer turns to social media to vent about their bad experience with your business).

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