12 June 2012

Outbound Calling Now Available

For years, Callcap has provided our clients essential data and analytics to help gauge the success of their ad campaigns and better allocate their marketing budget. Callsurance took call tracking a step further, providing the opportunity to better evaluate employee performance and recover potentially lost revenue in near real-time.

Now, we are excited to announce the addition of Outbound Calling to our suite of services. Callcap outbound lines are easily loaded into your user interface. Our user-friendly, cloud based connection software lets your outbound calling reps load their lead lists into a queue, add notes to each call record, and even have completed call recordings evaluated with Callsurance to help improve close rates through more targeted training.

Contact a Callcap Business Development Specialist today for a free marketing analysis, and to find out more about how Call Tracking, Callsurance, and Outbound Calling can help improve the way you do business. 866-547-5577