05 September 2017

Our industry-leading website call tracking is even better!

With the launch of Webmatch 3.0, connecting your callers to website visits is easier, more flexible, more accurate, and faster than ever before.

What is Webmatch?

Webmatch is our solution to the offline conversion gap in website analytics. Similar technology goes by a lot of names: website call tracking, keyword level call tracking, dynamic phone numbers, and dynamic number insertion. Whatever it’s called, it works mostly the same:

  1. You add a piece of tracking Javascript to your website (similar to Google Analytics).
  2. When someone visits your website, the Javascript captures the visit information (page visited, campaign source, campaign medium, keywords, referring URL, etc.)
  3. Then the Javascript assigns a phone number to the visitor based on some criteria.
  4. If that phone number receives a phone call soon after the visit, a match is made.

What sets Webmatch 3.0 apart?

Webmatch 3.0 is a complete rebuild of our website tracking technology. New customers can start directly on the new version. Existing customers will have a tool to make it easy to upgrade. And as always, feel free to call our support team to get help upgrading. There are many reasons why starting with (or upgrading to) Webmatch 3.0 is the best choice for closing your offline conversion gap.

It’s easy to use and adapts to your needs.

Just a copy and paste: You don’t need to know Javascript to install Webmatch. Just paste the code snippet we give you, or install our WordPress plugin. Then, most configuration can be done from our website.

You are in control: Managing a set of numbers for a webpage is easy. You can start with as many numbers in your pool as you want and add and remove them as needed. We will show you statistics on your numbers to know when you need to increase your pool size for better accuracy.

No contractors needed: Working with 3rd party templates and content management systems is even easier. You no longer need to edit the HTML template to pick phone number targets. In addition to targeting HTML classes and IDs, you can simply let us know a piece of text we should find and replace or tell us to replace any phone number we see with the dynamic number.

Challenge accepted: Uncommon or complex tracking needs can be easily handled. Here are a few advanced options:

  • Multiple sets of dynamic numbers per page. For example, listing 3 different area codes.
  • Track a user’s session across pages that show different phone numbers.
  • Track a user’s session across different domains.
  • Only assign a phone number and match phone calls to visits from a paid campaign.
It’s more accurate and detailed.

True attribution: Webmatch 3.0 understands better how visitors engage with a website. Now, when a visitor arrives from a campaign source we’ll remember that source for up to 6 months. For example, you get a paid search click, then the visitor comes back directly a couple weeks later and calls you. We’ll credit that call to the paid search source. If instead the visitor came back after clicking a campaign tagged email link, we’ll credit the call to the email.

Know who’s calling: Both our number assignment and matching algorithms have been improved to make sure we know as well as possible which visitor is calling.

See your traffic channels: Our new matching system recognizes 6 times more organic search engines, all of the major social network referrers, all major paid search source, and all common paid campaign mediums.

It’s faster and more resilient.

Page load: You never need to worry about our code impacting your page load performance. Webmatch loads completely asynchronously and will never block page loading.

Page speed: Our new Javascript file is an astonishing 56% smaller than the previous version of Webmatch and is hosted on a speedy content delivery network (CDN). That means fast downloading for all of your visitors, no matter where they are located.

Resiliency: The new Webmatch infrastructure makes sure tracking works anytime and for any size of website.

Better website call tracking now!

For existing customers, we will be announcing a sunset date for old versions of Webmatch soon. After that date, old Webmatch installations will stop working. Get ahead and start the easy upgrade for your website now.

As we launch we’ll be updating our documentation to help you better understand the changes we’re making and features now available to you, but if you have any questions you can always reach our support team at 888-222-3202.