13 August 2015

One Critical Task Your On-Site Phone System Can’t Do

Nowadays, DIY is all the rage. Numerous websites, books, YouTube videos, and even TV channels are dedicated to the idea of “doing it yourself,” and they promise you will love the result—and pay only a fraction of the price.

While this idea is enticing for personal projects, it can be a huge misstep for business decisions. Companies that try to “do it themselves” with on-site phone systems generally:

  • Believe they need to be in complete control of their phone numbers and phone systems. Maybe they’ve had a bad experience with a third-party partner, or maybe they’re anxious about handing over the reigns to someone else because they feel the partner doesn’t know their company like they do.
  • Want to save money and think the DIY route will help them reclaim part of their budget.
  • Assume they can do the extra work that comes along with on-site phone systems. They think the extra duties associated will fit (or that they can make them fit) into their own—or their employees’—schedules.

Though the benefits of DIY sound pretty good, the important part—the results—are often lacking. Here’s what you need to know about your on-site phone system’s capabilities and where it falls short.

No on-site phone system, no matter how expensive, includes a monitoring and reputation management solution.

This is a huge gap, because there’s undeniable proof that when businesses prioritize monitoring and reputation management, they protect their good name, keep the customers they have, and are more likely to win new customers. If you’re not relying on an unbiased partner to routinely monitor your employees, there’s a high chance those employees are getting away with more than you know: blowing sales, slacking off, treating your customers poorly, and more.

But there is a solution.

You don’t have to give away control when you choose to partner with a professional call tracking and monitoring company.

For example, Callcap is an unbiased, neutral partner that works with you to improve your results through call tracking, monitoring, and evaluation. We will help you reach your goals and refine your priorities and business practices, so you can get the results you want (not what we think you want).

Quality control and compliance from an expert, unbiased partner isn’t expensive.

You don’t have to use expensive and high maintenance on-site phone systems to protect your reputation and make sure your reps are doing their jobs the right way. Callcap’s low-cost, cloud-hosted solutions provide call recordings and call details online and via email.

You can spend time doing work that will actually bring in revenue.

Think about it this way: If you have sales managers who are excellent at training and empowering your sales team to go out and win more sales—a job they love and are good at— but you’re currently making those managers spend time reviewing calls instead of working with the sales team, what are you losing? Chances are, those managers aren’t experts in understanding and dissecting calls. They may be spending more time than you realize trying to figure out the system, accidentally making mistakes or overlooking important details, and more. Eventually, those mistakes and that lost time will amount to financial loss.

Enter the ICE Box. When you combine your inbound and outbound calls with the ICE Box, you’ll recover valuable time, because you or your employees will no longer have to deal with the call tracking/evaluation part of the business—it’s done for you and is accessible to you with the click of a button.

The ICE Box passively monitors your SIP-enabled phone system. It links both your inbound and outbound phone calls into the Callcap system for anywhere-access to recordings, reporting, and evaluation. By implementing a solution like the ICE Box, you’ll be able to reclaim lost time and potentially even a portion of your budget.

Seamlessly manage both inbound and outbound calls with the ICE Box.

If your company needs to focus on your sales team’s outbound calls, but you’d still like to track their performance and volume on inbound calls, you can have both. Callcap’s ICE Box gives you one-click access to unbiased call evaluation services with trained analysts while still making sure you have all the information you need about outbound calls.

To find out more about how the ICE Box can help your organization, contact one of our business development specialists today.