06 July 2020

NEXTms mobile application now available for iOS and Android devices

We are excited to release the new version of the NEXTms mobile application for iOS and Android devices.  This release is the culmination of a six-month development effort to completely re-build from the ground up our two-way, consumer-to-business text conversation mobile application.  The new NEXTms mobile application lays the groundwork for introducing new features as well as other mobile applications we can expect to deliver to support our product offerings going forward.

Here is what you can expect when you use the new NEXTms mobile application:

  • New log in page.  You will still use your existing user credentials to log in.

  • Active conversations page.  All active conversations you have access to will be displayed.  For each conversation the caller name will be displayed if identifiable, otherwise the caller ID will be.  In addition, the text-enabled Call Tracking Number (CTN) the consumer sent the message to will be displayed below the caller name/ID.

Conversations that were previously listed in the ‘Queue’ in the v2.0 mobile application will now show in the active conversations list for all users who have access to the CTN(s).  Once the conversation is picked up by a user it will no longer appear in the other users list until it is archived and a new conversation is started.  This capability is primarily to support the use case where a single CTN supports multiple users yet keeps multiple users from responding to the same consumer at the same time.  For accounts who wish to have multiple users see the same conversation remain on the active conversation list even after the conversation is picked up by a user the account can be configured to support this.  Please contact support@nextms.com to have this configuration enabled.

NEW FEATURE – administrators can now assign users to specific CTN’s within an account.  Previously users had access to all CTN’s within an account with no ability to restrict these.

  • Conversation thread page.  Conversation detail page identifying the text interaction with the consumer.

NEW FEATURE – conversation history is now displayed for active text conversations between the consumer and business on a specific CTN, with the most recent interaction showing at the bottom.

  • Composing a text message.  When ready to compose a text message (by selecting the icon from the active conversations page) you will be prompted to confirm:
    • The CTN you will send the text message from
    • The phone number of the consumer you will send the text message to

  • NEW FEATURE – contact list management.  You can now manage a contact list (add, edit, delete entries) from within the mobile application.


Download the new NEXTms app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store today!

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