15 February 2018

NEXTms and Charlee: The Perfect Match

“NEXTms allowed us to expand our methods of communication to meet our customers where they are. Callcap’s texting platform allows us to track progress, review historical data, and stay in touch with our matchmakers no matter where they’re located.” – Audrey Levy with Charlee

Customer Details

Charlee, a company who manages a series of matchmaking dating platforms, takes matchmaking back to the good old days of real, personal relationships – ironically, by using technology. In a unique twist on what has become a completely digital approach to building relationships, Charlee matchmakers go the extra mile to get personal with their customers. They meet each customer face-to-face before ever recommending a potential dating match. Now that’s old school, isn’t it? Charlee won’t cut corners, and their customers expect nothing less than honest match recommendations based on who they really are as people – not just a profile.


This preemptive consultation is what gives a Charlee match its solid foundation, but it can be hard for customers to take the leap and show up at that first meeting with a Charlee matchmaker. Many times, when Charlee called to confirm the consult, their customers were nowhere to be found, and more often than not were no-shows for the appointment – and all before they’d even been matched! Perhaps they didn’t answer the phone because they were nervous or didn’t recognize the calling number. Or perhaps they were at the office and couldn’t break away for a personal phone call. Or perhaps the idea of talking to someone on the phone about being matched was too intimidating to deal with – even if it was nothing more than a confirmation call. In any event, TPI needed a way to engage more intimately with their customers to build their confidence in the matchmaking process by way of that initial consultation.

The Search for a Solution

Charlee needed a communication solution that fit into their existing workflow, resonated with potential clients, didn’t break the bank, and that they could track. Email was too cumbersome. Phone calls were too intrusive. Market research paired with existing knowledge about the generation that makes up Charlee’s target market quickly revealed that text message correspondence was the answer.

The Solution

Callcap had been hard at work developing their NEXTms platform, so when they called Charlee and invited them to try the NEXTms beta, Charlee was thrilled. A six-month timeframe was established to work out all the kinks, but Charlee signed on full-time after only three months.

“NEXTms comes with an easy-to-navigate platform that not only brings us closer together as a team, but helps us maintain a consistent tone of voice throughout all our messaging – and that’s huge for our brand.” – Audrey Levy

Charlee watched in amazement as the numbers proved how well NEXTms was working. “When we implemented NEXTms and began texting customers to confirm their initial consultation, we saw a 90% response rate – compared to only 33% when we were making phone calls. We just couldn’t believe it. Not all of them confirmed, though – in fact, some of them even cancelled. But that was okay because then we knew we could fill that time slot with another customer rather than letting it sit dormant as a no-show. NEXTms gave us a platform our customers were comfortable using to respond, and that’s the most important thing.”

The Benefits

Charlee has seen a more cohesive version of their company blossom since the implementation of NEXTms. Their customers are more likely to respond to text messaging about their initial consultation, but if that customer does prefer to chat on the phone, they can call the number from the text message and speak with a Charlee representative directly. Furthermore, with Callcap’s Call Recording and Monitoring solution, Charlee can even refer to an archive of all their recorded calls and have them graded for accuracy by Callcap’s trained call analysts if they so choose. “We love it because NEXTms functions just like our customers would expect, which I find so refreshing. Everyone knows how to text, and this is intuitive on so many levels,” said Audrey.

In addition to providing a more grassroots way for the matchmakers to communicate, NEXTms also provides the tracking element Charlee has come to depend on. Audrey confirms, “The NEXTms interface is easy to use and our representatives picked up on it right away. Now, if a computer or phone goes down somewhere, we can keep the conversation going via text. If one of our matchmakers is stuck on what to say to a customer, they can invite me to the conversation, I can review the history, and pick up right where they left off. Seamless. I feel like NEXTms was built just for us.”