19 July 2013

New Callcap Scorecards Developed for the Auto Industry

Callcap has a diverse product suite, with many options for
call evaluation that help businesses gain insight on their customers and
customer service teams. Our newest product was developed with the auto industry
in mind, and will revolutionize the way dealerships do business.

Scorecards by Callcap are a near real-time solution for delivering customer information after
inquiry calls. Different than some solutions offered by competitors, we allow
our clients to select what questions they want answered on each call by our
Call Analysts. We can load yes/no, multiple choice, text entry and auto
make/model options into the evaluation system based on our clients’ data needs. When a call is not booked, a notification can go out to a sales manager quickly letting them know who called, details on what the customer was looking for, and why an appointment was not booked – providing a second chance to call the customer back and make the sale.

While this system was developed with the auto industry in
mind, it is versatile and would be of value to any business who books
appointments or makes sales over the phone. To find out more about how
Scorecards can benefit your business, give one of our business development specialists
a call at 866-547-5577 or fill out our contact form