09 July 2010

New 855 Vanity Numbers Available For Reservation

Now is your chance to request the vanity toll free number you have always wanted for your business with the addition of the 855 prefix to the national toll free number system. These new numbers will be publically available for use starting October 1, but Callcap is giving you the opportunity to request a custom vanity number now and, if it is available, hold it for your business.

The request process is simple:

  1. Send a list of your vanity 855 number requests to Callcap. A fee of $10 per number will be charged for processing number requests. Be sure to use the format 855-XXX-XXXX or 855-(At least seven letters).
  2. When numbers become available in October, the numbers we were able to successfully obtain will be added to your Callcap account with an additional, onetime fee of $75 for obtaining and processing the new number.
  3. After new numbers are activated, regular monthly Callcap service charges will apply.

Contact Callcap today to get your deposit down and secure your vanity number request.