12 March 2012

March Madness and Employee Productivity

It is one of the most exciting times of the year for the college sports enthusiast…the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, aka the Big Dance. From a business perspective, all the attention that the event kicks up provides a great opportunity to offer March Madness specials and promotions.

However, the tournament also has the potential to reduce productivity around your office as your employees busy themselves with checking game scores and filling out brackets. A survey from MSN said 86% of employees will spend at least some time at work keeping track of the March Madness action. In fact, businesses are expected to lose over $1 billion dollars in wages to distracted, underachieving employees during the month of March according to the LA Times.

So how do you reel back in some of that lost productivity from your employees? With monitoring and analysis.

If you do any business by phone, it’s easy to make sure that the people you have answering on your behalf aren’t letting tournament madness affect their work performance. Callsurance is Callcap’s solution to making sure the players on your team are continually bringing their A game. Contact us today to find out how – 866-547-5577.