23 February 2016

Link Website Visitors to Calls with our Google Analytics Integration

Many companies use a conversion tracking tool, such as Google Analytics, to analyze their internet marketing strategy and online conversions. Companies want to track how many customers clicked online ads, see which sources send the most website visits, and pinpoint which ads and keywords are successful.

But what if a customer lands on your website and then calls your business to make an inquiry or purchase? Google Analytics doesn’t see that phone call like it sees a pageview… that is, not without the help of Callcap!

Bridge the gap between online and offline conversions.

When we see a website visitor call your website tracking number we can connect that offline activity to their online behavior in Google Analytics. Now any report and insights contained within your existing Google Analytics account will have the added metric of offline “phone call” events.

After configuring a new event Goal for the “phone call” category you will see your true conversion rates. This data can even carry over to help plan your Adwords campaigns. Learn more about setting up the Google Analytics integration and getting these conversions in Adwords.

At Callcap, our team is dedicated to getting the most accurate advertising and marketing metrics for our customers. This Google Analytics integration is yet another tool for your customer experience management toolbox. We invite you to try it out and add a review on our integration in the Google Analytics Partner Gallery.

To try out our website call tracking and Google Analytics integration get in touch today.