21 March 2017

Larger Time Frames for Your Reporting

As Callcap grows, we continuously upgrade our infrastructure for increased performance, reliability, and security. Our goal is to provide the best data to help you do your job better. With that goal in mind we are thrilled to announce our most recent infrastructure upgrade.

Call details and recordings, previously archived after 18-months, are now available for 24-months. We’ve even gone back and restored calls up to 24-months old. So starting today, you have a full two-years of data to report on.

That means you will have even MORE data to compare:
  • Trends year-over-year
  • Your improved return on advertising investments and missed opportunities
  • Enhanced customer service and organizational performance

For 15+ years, Callcap has provided the highest level of call tracking and monitoring services, reclaiming millions of dollars for our clients. We will continue to lead and set industry trends, ensuring our valued customer base receives the best experience through Callcap’s technology innovation and security measures.