05 May 2014

Introducing Recording Compliance with #Protect by Callcap

In the wake of high-profile security breaches, like the Target data breach, and software vulnerabilities, such as Heartbleed, we’ve seen our customers become more engaged in security and compliance. For customers interested in taking a proactive role in ensuring security and privacy for their clients, we’re excited to announce our new solution to pause call recordings: #Protect by Callcap.

What is #Protect by Callcap?

#Protect is our first solution to prevent storage of sensitive customer information. With the touch of a button, and without stopping or interrupting the call itself, that information is removed from recordings in compliance with your industry’s privacy standards or government regulations.

How Does #Protect Work?

#Protect is a simple solution with multiple applications. When a CSR is ready to accept a type of compliance-sensitive information (including credit card numbers, social security numbers, and passcodes), all the employee will have to do is press the # (pound/hash) key on his or her phone. Your customer won’t hear anything, but the signal causes the Callcap system to omit the next few seconds of the recording until the CSR presses the # key again.

With #Protect by Callcap, Customer Privacy Meets Exceptional Service

For many of our customers, taking credit card and other sensitive information over the phone for services and transactions is a necessary part of business. However, various regulations and compliance requirements (most notably the PCI security standards) mandate that credit card information not be stored, or stored only in certain ways and for certain amounts of time.

#Protect lets this be a part of your company’s day to day compliance methods for its phone call recordings. By removing that sensitive information from the call recordings, your business is compliant in terms of not storing sensitive data—especially credit card numbers for PCI compliance.

As our customers take a more active role in information security with their stored data, we’re here to help simplify the system. If you’re ready to implement recording compliance in your business, call 866-362-3078 to talk to a Callcap business development representative. Or, if you’d like more information about #Protect by Callcap, ask us some questions.