01 May 2015

Introducing Health Tap: Broadcast Messaging For Health Care

Is your health care organization bleeding because of high Medicare readmittance penalties?

According to Kaiser Health News, hospitals with the highest readmission rates are losing a staggering 3% of each payment to penalties paid to Medicare. These fees are “intended to jolt hospitals to pay attention to what happens to their patients after they leave,” in order to prevent Medicare’s approximate $17 billion in expenses that come from potentially avoidable readmissions.

Health Tap can help your health care organization stop the bleeding and help you avoid paying unnecessary Medicare remittance penalties.

How does Health Tap work?

Health Tap by Callcap is a cost-effective solution for staying up-to-date with post-patient care and satisfaction. Health Tap is a broadcast messaging solution that works by harnessing the power of Callcap’s call recording technology. Health Tap schedules professional, interactive recordings with patients for daily or weekly messages, and it alerts health care providers of potential readmittance cases, health concerns, and overall patient resolution.

This broadcast messaging is an affordable, scalable option for all hospitals, clinics, and offices because your business pays only once per custom recording, and then per call for the number of broadcasts per month. Callcap Health Tap web analysis and reporting also allows administrators real-time visibility from anywhere with any web-enabled device.

Health Tap features include:

  • Custom greetings for professional mobile or land-line patient interaction.
  • Interactive patient interface.
  • Web analysis of results.
  • Custom IVR /skill-based routing (you can route calls based on patient disposition).

Health Tap is an important tool your health care organization needs in order to prevent paying Medicare for expensive, unnecessary re-admittance penalties. With Health Tap, your organization will have the following benefits:

  • E-mail alerts of potential patient risks.
  • Reduced re-admittance with proactive notifications.
  • Overall satisfaction with check-ins of health care maintenance.
  • Facility protection.
  • HIPPA compliance.

Don’t let Medicare readmission penalties hurt the bottom line of your hospital, clinic, or health care office. Give our business development specialists a call at 844-886-6790, and we’ll set up a time to meet and find out just how much profit you can save when your organization implements Health Tap by Callcap.