26 March 2014

Introducing Callcap’s Hardware for Inbound and Outbound Phone System Integration – The ICE Box

One of Callcap’s biggest advantages has always been ease of use. Tracking inbound phone response and monitoring the performance of those calls is as easy as instantly setting up a new phone number in our system or porting an existing number to be managed in our system. While great for most situations, we haven’t had a solution for outbound call quality assurance or for large organizations unable or unwilling to port hundreds (or thousands) of phone numbers.

That changes with the new Callcap ICE Box.

What is the ICE Box?

ICE stands for Integrated Call Evaluation. The ICE Box is hardware custom-developed by Callcap to passively sit in between your SIP-enabled phone system and an internet connection. This links both your inbound and outbound phone calls into the Callcap system for anywhere access to recordings, reporting, and evaluation. The box is about the size of a small phonebook, is easy to install, and, once plugged in, “just works” without interfering with your phone system.

Why use the ICE Box?

  • Large organizations no longer need to choose between using Callcap’s services and maintaining control over company phone systems and numbers. You can have both.
  • Expensive and high maintenance on-site phone systems are no longer needed to get features needed for quality control and compliance. Callcap’s lower-cost and completely hosted solution provides call recordings and call details available over the internet and email.
  • No on-site phone system, no matter how expensive, includes a monitoring and reputation management solution. Using the ICE Box gives you one-click access to Callcap’s call evaluation service with our trained call analysts.
  • Do you care more about your sales staff’s outbound calls than any possible inbound calls, but still want to track their performance and volume? The ICE Box gives you the Callcap solution for Outbound phone calls seamlessly.

With the ICE Box, now Callcap offers flexibility of implementation in addition to ease of use.

If you’re ready to start recording and evaluating your phone calls with the ICE Box or have some questions, get in touch.