24 March 2020

Instant Voicemail Notifications with Dropbox Hotline Number

Every missed phone call is a missed opportunity.

There might be times when there is no one at your business to answer your phone. So how do you stay engaged and know when customers want to leave you an important message? The answer is actually very simple:


With our Dropbox Hotline Number, customers call in and hear a pre-recorded message. They then have the option to leave a voicemail. The best part about it is, you will get an email of the recording immediately. This allows you to be away from your business but always have instant access to the important messages.

Businesses also have the option of taking advantage of the industry leading Callsurance platform which will screen all calls and only send the opportunities that can lead to added revenue.

In an era where timing is everything, a Dropbox Hotline Number is the affordable solution to a common business problem.


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