21 May 2010

Increase Sales Leads with Callcap Broadcast Messaging

Callcap is making it easier than ever to drive your sales leads and keep your customer relationships vibrant with enhancements to your Broadcast Messaging feature capabilities.

  • Schedule automated maintenance reminder phone calls and daily thank you notices to every customer you have closed that day.
  • Notify hundreds of customers at one time and enjoy the flexibility of scheduling broadcasts, viewing active broadcasts, and tracking broadcast success and lead generation from anywhere via the Callcap website.

Broadcast Messaging as a marketing tool

Broadcast Messaging has been proven to demonstrate powerful results. Benefits of Broadcast Messaging are already being experienced by Callcap customers, including:

  • Reduction in overhead cost of contacting customers manually to schedule maintenance or inspections.
  • High incidents of repeat business due to frequent communications that cultivate customer relationships.
  • Ease in keeping sales volumes consistent/increasing by counteracting potentially slow business days with a Broadcast Message to stimulate sales and service leads.
  • Higher appointment attendance with automated appointment reminders.

Features and Benefits

  • Broadcast Messaging through Callcap allows you to display a familiar, local caller ID number to your customers.
  • In the event that you miss a customer and hit their answering machine or voicemail, your message will be captured and waiting for them when they return.
  • With the Immediate Connect Feature, customers are instantly connected to your call representatives with the push of a button.